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Logo Mosi's Restaurant Kurier Zürich Zug Winterthur
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Buffet Catering: Easy to order, professionally prepared, reliably delivered.

Besides our regular single-serve meal delivery service you may rely on Mosi's Buffet Catering Service for a great tasting catering experience for your meeting, customer event or private happening. We offer the perfect catering solution for groups from 40-200 people.
Choose from a wide selection of first class menues from various cuisine types like asian, italian, mexican, japanese or traditional european.
The food is cooked by the chefs of selected Mosi's partner restaurants. Trained Mosi's staff will prepare a self serve buffet for your convenience. Hot dishes will be kept in chafing dishes. Disposable cutlery sets are available upon request.
The service fee starting from CHF 95 includes delivery as well as pick-up after the event.
Contact us on 0844 14 14 14 for more information. We are happy to assist you and prepare a quote acording to your needs. 
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